A Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Racing

Every sporting activity has its own zeal and zest associated with it but motorcycle racing has taken it to its extreme form. You can’t just even imagine what it is like to hop on a racing bike and ride it at its highest speed. The amount of excitement, thrill and nervousness that it brings to a rider and the audience is just overwhelming. It may seem like riding a motorcycle at sky-touching speeds is all fun but it is not. It takes a lot of courage, bravery, skill and confidence to go through the race while risking your life. A racer needs to have perfect control over the bike and a little mistake can cost him his life. It is a job which needs a tremendous amount of luck, skill and bravery if you’re lacking even one of these you can never become a remarkable racer. Now let’s take you through all the essential ingredients that made motorcycle racing what it is today.

Moto GP

Overall these years, Moto GP has achieved a tremendous amount of fame and is considered to be the best motorcycle racing event that exists today. It is not only a platform where riders get to show off their skill, but it is also majorly about the powerful prototype bikes that different world-class racing bike manufacturers design. Moto GP is the event where fastest racing competitions take places and thus has become the main centre of attraction for riders as well as manufacturers to show off their skills and cutting-edge technology respectively. The racing events held by Grand Prix Motorcycle racing and sanctioned by F.I.M. The bikes used in this racing tournament aren’t just ordinary ones, they are specially designed for racing in this event and are not sold to general public, since there are major safety and speeding concerns associated with it.

Superbike World Championship

It is also a motorcycle racing championship, often referred to as Superbike racing. Unlike Moto GP, the bikes used for racing aren’t dedicated for this purpose only, they are basically the modified versions of bikes that are used by the general public. Therefore, Superbike World Championship can also be called production bike racing. Two champions are declared annually because there are two races held per round and the outcomes of both the races are used to determine two championships, one for the manufacturers and one for the racers. Superbike World Championship can be declared as analogous to touring car racing while as Moto GP is considered as the Formula One equivalent worldwide. Although Europe is the hub of this championship, many rounds have also been held in different other locations such as New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, etc. F.I.M being the worldwide regulator of motorcycle racing, it is also responsible for the regulation of the World Superbike Championship.

British Superbike Championship (BSB)

It is the finest domestic racing championship held in U.K. Due to the ownership of multiple circuits by MotorSport Vision, they are responsible for the management of this superbike championship. The British Superbike Championship is conducted in 12 rounds, composed of 9 rounds which give top spots to the 6 leading riders and is followed by the three-round showdown where the ultimate winner gets declared based on the performance shown in all these rounds. The showdown format wasn’t there until 2010 but it was introduced to prevent racers from making a runaway victory. Similar to World Superbike Championship, here the superbikes are also the modified versions of production bikes and the major participants include BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

Therefore, we can say that motorcycle racing although is a very appealing sports activity, is also a very risky job. For a person to become a professional racer, years of practice and experience is required and even after that, they should be able to handle all the raw power that they are sitting upon during a race. It is a lot different than riding a normal bike on a normal road, it is the matter of life and death. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, it is not possible for common people to handle all that adrenaline rush that a racer is going through during a race and still stay focused. Besides, no bike manufacturer will give their costliest machine to an ordinary person for a ride, you’ve to be a legend.