Amazing Facts About Motorcycle Racing That Will Blow Your Mind

It is not possible that an amazing sports activity like Motorcycle racing wouldn’t have some amazing facts to share with you. Since the onset of motorcycle racing, a huge number of interesting facts have been witnessed, some of which we will explore right now. If you’re a motorcycle racing enthusiast, you will love to learn these amazing facts with a pinch of historical perspective dating back to the genesis of motorcycle racing. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Journey of Yamaha

You might know Yamaha as the leading racing bikes manufacturer today but that wasn’t the fact when the company had started. It was supposed to be a piano manufacturing company but when they reigned in MotoGP motorcycle racing, the portfolio was extended to engines, boats, electronics, motorcycles and much more.

Looks Like Japan Got Lucky

Nowadays Arai is considered as the best motorcycle helmet manufacturing company but it was initially a hat-making company. Luckily, the founder of the company was bike stunt rider and saw a scope in this business. Suzuki also had a very different start, starting as a manufacturer of weaving looms. The founder was interested in diversifying the portfolio of the company and ended up being one of the leading motorcycle companies in the world other than being the manufacturer of wheelchairs, cars, trucks as well.

Imagine Harley Davidson As A DIY Project Today

When Harley Davidson was a start-up company, they used to give their manufactured engines to the people and let them make their own bike as a DIY project.

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Honda

It has been estimated that the highest number of motorcycles are stolen in the months of July, August and September. While the lowest motorcycle theft reports are recorded in the months of December, February and March.

Take good care of your Honda motorcycles because Honda is the favourite motorcycle brand that thieves like to steal while as Harley Davidson motorcycles are the least stolen motorcycles when it comes to leading motorcycle brands.

A Legend Was Born

The record for the longest motorcycle jump is held by Robin Maddison, who in Melbourne, Australia jumped from 346 feet and achieved the world record which is still intact. Talking about world records, Emilio Scotto rode the motorcycle for 10 years, visiting 279 countries and travelled the total distance of 457,000 miles.

Motorcycle drag racing is attempted by professionals as well as amateurs. The Amateurs often use their general purpose bike for drag racing while some people modify the capabilities of their bikes to withstand excessive wear and tear. However, it is worth noticing that the top speed of motorcycles in drag racing has nevanother professional speed of car drag racing.

Unlike other professional Motorcycle racing events, Motocross racing is highly dependent on a riders skill and stamina while as the power of a bike is taken as a secondary priority. The manufacturers are more focused on making a bike more lightweight instead of making it powerful.

Imagine A Curve At 100mph!

In Moto GP, the average speed of a prototype motorcycle never goes below 100mph. They even have to make those bends and turns at more than 100mph speed. It doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea now, does it? The motorcycles used in professional racing weight twice the weight of an adult human male. Therefore, racers have to do regular workouts so that they can ride the motorcycles effortlessly.

hich One Is More Armoured – A Bat-mobile or A Racer?==

Motorcycle racers are prone to crashes and therefore are armoured heavily to withstand any type of injury which may be caused due to a crash. Newer technologies are being developed to augment the safety of racers and provide them with more efficient shields such as airbag systems to reduce any damage to the brittle bones during a crash. Just like the pilot of an aeroplane, racers also have access to a monitor system which tells them about the different parameters of the motorcycle.