Betting on Motorcycle Racing

Betting has become almost synonymous with sports. From football to basketball and cricket, it is hard to find a top-level competition where people are not betting on various occurrences. Motorcycle racing has also not been left behind in this craze.

While not as popular as football or horse-races, betting on motorcycle races online is growing daily in terms of the number of bettors. Some people, however, stay away from it, because they don’t know it exists or the type of bets to place. This article will shed light on those areas.

Types of Motorbike Race Bets

The first and most popular bet in bike races is the outright winner. This is similar to bets in other sports. Usually, sportsbooks have their favourites to win a particular race. The favourite always has lower odds, meaning betting on them will give smaller returns rather than betting on an underdog.

You can also bet on specific riders not finishing the race. Crashes are widespread in motorcycle racing; sometimes they are so severe a competitor has to drop out of the race. This is a particularly fertile betting area, as you can bet on who will trigger the crash, how many competitors will be caught up in the aftermath, and so on.

The bets can be placed before the race or, in some establishments, during the race (live betting).

Houses Which Offer MotoGP Betting

In the age of online betting, there is no shortage of bookmakers to try your luck in. Major brands such as Mr Green, 888 Sport, BetVictor and Skybet have odds for various races. There are also other lesser-known sportsbooks. It is always advisable to bet in a reputable house, though.

Furthermore, it is good to compare the various benefits which come with each bookmaker. Welcome bonuses (and terms), odds, and payment/withdrawal methods matter a lot. Always look out for reviews to get guidance.