Motorcycle Racing: Introduction

What is Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing is a sport; the sport of racing motorcycles. This is a diverse sport that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. For example, motorcycle racing can be uncategorized into off-road racing and road-racing. Road racing can occur on tracks or open courses. Finally, motorcycle racing, like all sports, can be done recreationally and competitively.

Development of Motorcycle Racing

The sport of Motorcycle racing developed along with other automobile sports in the late 1800s. One of the first competitive tournaments for motorcycle racing was created in 1904; an international competition involving five different countries. These countries were: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Britain. This world cup, referred to as the Tourist Trophy, features one of the most famous motorcycle races to date, taking place on the Isle of Man, in 1907.

Motorcycle Trials

Like all racing, it may seem like motorcycle racing is all about speed. This is not the case. Motorcycle trials are slow, long-duration events that have little to do with speed. These trials often feature rugged terrains and are assessed through a point system. Motorcross is an extension of this idea; a series of laps done on a set course composed of rough, natural terrain. This was introduced to Great Britain in the 1940s and become famous, later, in the 1950s and 1960s.

Motorcycle Racing Safety

Motorcycle racing and its derivative sports are unquestionably dangerous. For many, it is a miracle that a vast majority of motorcycle racers haven’t been gravely injured as a result of their risky careers. However, interviews with those involved in motorcycle racing reveal that it is much like any other sport. There is a learning curve involved; racers are bound to have some scrapes and bruises at the beginning. However, as experience and confidence are gained, the runner also wins crucial skill.